The importance of networking within the creative industries.

By Nathan Bayne


Networking is something that ties in well with freelancing because it is what makes the difference from being unknown within your industry to known by many people. It will be beneficial to you and can make a significant difference in how quickly you can get a job or get work for freelancing. I will discuss this in more detail throughout the post.

5 Tips on How to Start Networking

Always Carry Business Cards

Carrying a business card is one of the most important things to take with you when you're networking at events within your industry. Without having cards with you, people that you speak to at these events most likely won't remember your name to then search you up on the likes of Facebook to message you. People talk to hundreds of people at these events so make sure that you have a card on you so that after the event is finished, they are equipped with your contact information and may contact you if they have any jobs going.

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Have Positive Body Language

When talking to other people within your industry at different events, you must have a positive body language. People often underlook body language as they feel it isn't that important but trust me; it is. You want to give the impression to everyone you speak to that you're interested in what they're saying. Not only will this make people happy that they feel you're interested in what you're talking about, but it also makes you more likeable. Due to this, it will increase your chances of employers contacting you.

The following video talks about this in more detail if you're curious to find out more:

Have Confidence Within Your Product


Everyone at networking events are there for the same reason. There is that many people that it is understandably hard to stand out from the crowd. You must have confidence with what skills you acquire and when showing your work to others. If an employer notices your lack of confidence, this can put them off speaking you much longer and will also make you easily forgettable. Try to remain calm, be proud and take ownership of your work. You can only try your best, and if you don't land a job, don't worry, keep going to events, and eventually, your face will become recognisable. It will allow you to gain their trust you and also let them know that you're keen on getting work due to the multiple events you've attended.

Be Proud of the Industry you Represent


Many people nowadays always judge people on their job or what industry they work within. They feel that you still need to justify what purpose you bring to the world and whether your role within your job bring anything to society. All these small comments can affect people and can even put them off what they do. You need to block out all of the negativity and continue to learn and continuously improve until you get where you want to be in life. Never let anyone's opinion affect your mentality with what you want to do in life. Be proud of the industry you work in and stick at it. If you keep the right mindset, work hard and focus on your goals, you will become successful, and naturally, work will come your way if you keep promoting yourself and become well known within your working field.

Talk a lot


When I say talk a lot, I don't want you to get confused with continually talking for so long to the point where the person wants to escape the conversation as soon as possible. What I mean by this is don't just stand next to people within a group of employers not even uttering a single word. When attending network events, although it socially can be stressful due to how many people there are, you must speak to people. You need to get around and introduce your self to multiple people. The chances of you getting a job from a networking event will almost be impossible if you don't speak to anyone. If you went and didn't talk to anyone, no one would know who you are and wouldn't have any of your contact details. You must speak to people. Most people never remember the quiet kid in your class back in school, so the same applies at these events.

Another thing to take note on is to not speak in a monotone voice. Employers at these kind of events are looking for passionate, enthusiastic young people who are ready to give there all. There is nothing worse than speaking to someone who speaks in one tone of voice. It can disconnect you from the conversation, and you end up blocking everything you hear from them out. So don't be afraid to use hand gestures and get excited about the work you're discussing. It is a massive attribute that employers look for in people who are job-hunting.

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